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Specific Gravity 0.99 c/cm³
Fire Behaviour  H.B. UL94
Water Absorption  <0.01 DIN 53495
Yield Strength 22.5 N/mm² DIN 53455
Elongation at Yield 0.0765 DIN 53455
Tensile Strength at Break 5.4 N/mm² DIN 53455
Elongation at Break 0.72 DIN 53455
Tensile Modulus 0.54 – 1.62 x 10^5 psi D 638
Flexural Modulus .90 – 1.8 x 10^5 psi D 790
Hardness, Rockwell R 64.385 D 785
Thermal Conductivity (10-4 cal-cm/sec-cm2-0C) 11.0 - 12.4 C 177
Coefficient of thermal expansion (10-5in/in-0F) 6.1 - 7.2 D 696
Deflection Temperature (0F) @ 264 psi 110 - 130 D 648
Deflection Temperature (0F) @ 66 psi 140 - 190
Dielectric strength (V/mil) Short Time, 1/8 –in thk 450 - 500 D 149
Dielectric constant A 1kHz 2.3 – 2.35 D 150
Dissipation factor @ 1kHz 0.0003 D 150

This information is intended as a guideline for designers and processors of thermoplastics. Because design and processing is complex, a set solution will not solve all problems. Observation on a “trial and error” basis may be required to achieve desired results.

No information supplied by ReGen Plastics constitutes a warranty regarding product performance or use.
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ReGen Plastics is not simply a recycled product manufacturer! We are also working to establish a processing facility to take local plastic to create a product that will be able to provide multiple industries with a quality designed profile that meets industry standards and is well-priced. We are specialists in the plastic industry, being able to work from planning it’s engineering potential through to providing education on this material as a resource. We understand at the deepest level it is those in the plastic industry that need to lead the way. We are in a situation globally where the use of plastic needs to be refined, with low grade and single-use items needing to be phased out.